Common Queries

  • What does Cintiti Mean ?
    Cintiti Means ‘Care’.

  • Which product suits me?
    Cintiti has a range of products right from a single user physician to a multispecialty corporate hospital with multiple centers.
    Currently, there are four variants

  • How can I purchase Cintiti ?
    You can book a demo using our website. Alternatively, you can call us on 96263829 or 7000 8111
    We will demonstrate the product online or in person. We will study the needs and give you a quote.

  • How long does it take to implement the software ?
    Generally, it takes about 20 days to configure, train and then GO live assuming we have the required hardware.

  • Can I make changes to the product ?
    Changes can be made to the system as per one’s needs. These changes will be billed as customization separately.

  • How do you charge for customization ?
    Based on the requirement, analysis will be made and an effort estimation will be given to the client. On approval from the client, the changes will be made and delivered. It will be charged based on a man hour taken to deliver.

  • Does this have the needed reports as per Cyprus Policies ?
    Yes, we have required reports that are needed to submit to the government

  • What is the technology used ?
    Web Application Technologies (ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, JQuery, WCF Services, Web Services, XML)
    Native Application Development Technologies (C# .NET for Windows Application Development, VB .NET for Windows Application Development)
    Database Technologies (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Reporting Technologies, Crystal Reports, iTextSharp)

  • How about support ?
    You can call us on our support numbers 24/7.
    We have a local support team in Cyprus as the first line of Support.
    We can reach you within minutes through the internet.

  • What is the support Cost ?
    It is 10% of the license cost.

  • What happens to my existing data in the legacy system?
    Most of existing data like patient demographics, stocks and medical data can be ported to the new system.

  • Does the solutions work on cloud ?
    Yes, we can host it on cloud. This can save cost on buying and maintaining the server.

  • Will this help me in the implementation of DRG codes(Diagnosis Related Group) ?
    Yes, it has features that can connect you to DRG effortlessly.

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