Cintiti – SMH


This variant of Cintiti is made to fit the needs of Small or Medium sized hospitals with a maximum of 25 Users. It seamlessly integrates the operations of all the departments of a hospital and gives a hassle free work flow that brings clarity within the organization.

Cintiti gives a strong foundation for adoption of Information & Communication Technology for Hospitals that helps in reduced cost of administrative operations, increased staff efficiency, timely response to patients, financial & inventory control.


  • Management Information System [Decision Support]
  • Granular Security [Streamlines Processes by defining the workflow]
  • Manage People by defining roles and responsibilities
  • Monitor and control activities
  • Scheduling of Appointments/ Operation theatres etc
  • Registration/Admission/Transfer /Discharge


  • Performance Dashboards
  • Built in CRM
  • Manages Patient Accounts
  • Lead Generator – Create Lists based on Criteria
  • Manage Referrals
  • Campaign integration – Mail Chimp
  • Automatic Emails/SMS


  • Patient Accounts
  • Highly flexible three dimensional Rate settings
  • Billing
  • Integration to Accounts
  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Intelligent Inventory Management
  • Monitor and Control purchases
  • Cost Center Analysis
  • Ageing Alerts
  • Doctor Accounts


  • Maintains statutory registers (Admissions, Discharges, Death, Deliveries, Surgeries, Bed Occupancy Rates)
  • Compliant with DRG, HL7, HIPAA

Clinical [Optional]

  • Patient History
  • ICD , PCD
  • Case Sheets/ Visit Records
  • Allergies/ e- Prescription/ Examination Records
  • Medical Alerts
  • Integrated LIS, RIS, OT
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology Information system
  • Operation Theatre management
  • Nurses Records

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