“The current Health System of the Republic of Cyprus was established during the island’s colonial period and has evolved to its present state through the decades.

Today’s technological advancements, along with an aging population and high healthcare service costs dictate a fundamental reform in the existing System. The HIO’s mission is to bring about this reform through the implementation of the National Health System. The National Health System will be anthropocentric and the contributions to the System as well as the coverage offered by the System will be based on the principles of solidarism, justice and universality.

The HIO’s aim is the introduction of a complete and economically viable healthcare system; a System that is to meet the expectations of every Cypriot citizen for equal and fair treatment, and one optimally utilizing all available economic resources to ensure the provision of the highest quality possible in healthcare services, reflecting modern perceptions and realities.”

Excerpt from http://www.hio.org.cy/en/vision&goals.html