We have solutions for health CARE givers of all sizes.

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Our Specialisation is Healthcare

Cintiti Means Care. Cintiti is the framework from which we have derived solutions that cater to a wide range of institutions ranging from a single user physician to a chain of multi-specialty hospitals.
This line of products has evolved for over 13 years keeping pace with constant changes in the industry, more notably the shift from desktop to mobile in healthcare software solutions.
The products have been effective in helping our customers implement time-tested SOP(s) that allow them to control, aid and integrate the clinical, financial, compliance, marketing and administrative aspects of their business. They have been designed using cutting-edge technologies which enable them to operate with clarity, speed, and accuracy. The decision support system, available to each user at all levels, picks up information dynamically using complex algorithms to predict future trends. This architecture allows scalability and convenience for configuration and customisation in healthcare software solutions.

Administration 100%
Financial 100%
Clinical 100%
Compliance 100%
Marketing 100%

Why Cintiti?

Everything Plus More

healthcare software solutions

* A matured and reliable range of products evolved over a period of 13 years.
* Covers all the Information needs of the hospitals in Cyprus.
* Manage your hospital from anywhere in the world using the mobile.
* Built using the Latest technologies by high quality resources
* Luxury at a reasonable price.
* Low cost for Maintenance.
* Reduce Man power cost and increase efficiency
* Compliance with DRG and Other statutory needs by the ministry of health, Cyprus
* Very efficient marketing tools that can help to understand customers better and increase revenues
* CRM tools that leverages customer retention to leapfrog competition.